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Salt Pictures create amazing visual effects that are sure to boost your overall health. These handmade works of art fill the air with precious microelements. The process of creation may take several weeks. By its very definition, each handmade Picture is one of a kind.

We made them using natural salt colours, i.e. white, orange and charcoal grey, as well as the unique colours of blue, green and brown. Unique on a worldwide scale, these colours can be possessed by only a few. Our salt-made Pictures will complement a painting collection of the most seasoned art collector.

Patented and manufactured by Kryształowy Świat, Salt Pictures are certified in accordance with international standards, which means that they can be installed in public areas (National Institute of Hygiene certification).

We create images based on the natural colors of salt, i.e. white, orange and graphite, and unique colors, i.e. blue, green and brown.

Salt Pictures are 50 by 50 cm in size. They can be mounted to the wall with 4 screws. This technique makes Salt Ppictures easy to disassemble and reassemble.