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Halotherapy is a form of speleotherapy, currently being developed. The method involves breathing in an environment saturated with salt aerosol at a precisely defined concentration. The halotherapy industry is a relatively new yet well-proven one. It can be combined with well-being services in connection with health-promoting services in recreational and spa tourism. Halotherapy services are medical services and contribute to the general improvement of people's psycho-physical condition. Therefore, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle comes to the fore. Years of experience of pulmonologists indicate that salt heals and soothes many human ailments, resulting in daily mental and physical comfort. With the experience of pulmonologists and to respond to your needs, "Kryształowy Świat" company has developed and patented products such as Salt Plates, Salt Puzzles, Salt Pictures and Salt Panels for all types of saunas. Moreover, we construct Crystal Salt Chambers, Salt Grottos, Salt Caves, Salt Graduation Towers and interior designs in salt.

Our products are made of natural rock salt crystals which contain microelements necessary for maintaining a human body in health, such as:
iron - which prevents anemia, rules out fatigue and increases immunity
calcium - which prevents diseases of the osteoarticular system
magnesium - which protects from metabolic disorders, cholesterol and oxalate diathesis (gallstones and kidney stones) and reduces hyperactivity
copper - which eliminates metabolic disorders and promotes better iron absorption
manganese - which alleviates the toxic properties of many harmful substances we daily come into contact with
zinc - which prevents prostate diseases and growth disorders
selenium - which is a free radical scavenger and protects from cancer by neutralizing the harmful effects of mercury, lead and cadmium contained in the polluted air, also slows down aging processes
lithium - which prevents sclerosis and heart diseases, as well as diabetes to some extent
iodine - which prevents thyroid diseases.

Crystal rock salt is a natural ionizer, effectively improving air quality by producing negative ions, which are found in large amounts by the sea, near waterfalls and after a storm. Negatively ionized air improves health and supports the treatment of many ailments, such as bronchial asthma, lung and bronchial diseases, circulatory failure, post-infarction conditions, hypertension, gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, sensitivities, various types of neuroses, fatigue and decreased resilience to stress.

The healing benefits of the microclimate created by our Salt Plates, Salt Puzzles, Salt Pictures and Salt Panels consist in producing natural aerosols. The transformed air is the dispersion medium and the solid or liquid particles form the dispersed phase. Please take note of the fact that the dispersed components are negatively charged.
Our Crystal Salt Chambers are similar in terms of physical, chemical and biological conditions, and therefore their health benefits, to their originals in Wieliczka Salt Mine. The layout and structure of the salt mining excavation site have been reconstructed with great care. With the system of air-conditioning and ventilation devices used, the temperature, humidity and the unique microclimate prevailing in the mine at the depth of up to 650 m have been preserved. The air filling the Crystal Salt Chambers is rich in valuable microelements and contains virtually no pollutants typical for the modern urban environment. Owing to the significant amount of sodium chloride, which has anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties, the air purity in the Crystal Salt Chamber is ten times higher than outside. These microclimate properties, i.e. biological and chemical purity, saturation with trace elements and negative ionization, have a beneficial effect on the bodies of healthy people as well. Staying in such an atmosphere significantly reduces stress, deepens and slows down breathing, activates the immune system, increases the ability to concentrate, produces a feeling of freshness and satisfaction, and, at the same time, delays skin aging, smooths wrinkles and accelerates fat burning, significantly supporting the loss of excess weight. It is advised to stay at the Crystal Salt Chamber every two days, and for people without any health issues preventively once a week to boost their immune system.